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Oracle Training

Oracle Training in Chennai

Oracle Training Syllabus

  • Introduction
  • Starting Out with Oracle
  • Exploring the Oracle Architecture
  • Installing Oracle Software
  • Properly Sizing Database and Planning for Growth
  • Managing the Oracle RDBMS
  • Administering Databases and Data files
  • Administering Table spaces
  • Administering Redo Logs, Control Files, and Rollback
  • Segments
  • Managing Data
  • Administering User Accounts
  • Managing Processes
  • Working with Tables, Views, and Synonyms
  • Using Indexes and Sequences
  • Using Oracle Clusters, Stored Procedures, and Database
  • Links
  • Managing Job Queues and Using Oracle Auditing
  • Understanding Effective Backup Techniques
  • Recovering the Database
  • Administering Oracle Replication
  • Advanced Oracle Options
  • Effectively Tuning and Optimizing the Database
  • Exploring the Web Publishing Assistant and Network
  • Computing Architecture